Hosting RightFax

in the Private Cloud

A managed system for customers who need a robust solution but don’t want the headaches of handling servers, telephony, storage, and maintenance.

Hosted RightFax allows your customers to host their RightFax application in a private cloud fully managed by Advantage. Customers benefit from not having to purchase an annual maintenance contract, worry about fax reliability, or deal with future changes in their telephony platform or carrier.

Fully Compliant

Meets regulatory demands of HIPAA, GLB, PCI DSS, and others. Provides a complete audit trail by tracking faxes with optional delivery status reports.

99.9% Uptime for All Processing

SLA guarantee for real-time fax workflows. Automate delivery to back-office applicaitons.

Pay per Page, Not per License

Eliminate CapEx investment, annual maintenance contracts, and concerns around peak capacity constraints.


Benefit from industry-leading built in security features as well as proactive SIEM & cybersecurity services.

Unbeatable Support

As a trusted RightFax partner with over 23 years of experience, the certified, U.S.-based engineers at Advantage will manage, monitor, and support your customer’s RightFax environment, without upending their system or the end user experience. We’ll take the IT burden off their business while staying aligned with their fax strategy, allowing your customers to reduce the expenses of fax servers, boards, and telephony without worrying about peak capacity issues.

Hosted RightFax is a subscription-based solution built to give customers a comprehensive faxing solution for a straightforward price.

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