Powerful Fax Workflow Automation

with the Workflow Platform for RightFax

The Workflow Platform for RightFax provides a combination of features, functionality and price unmatched by any other solution on the market. It can introduce easy automation to business processes that still receive mostly paper and fax documents, and it can improve automation for transitional business processes that must support both paper and electronic information.

Next-Level Customer Support
You’ll never have to go it alone – The Workflow Platform for RightFax customer service is second to none, with a fully staffed support team based right here in the United States.

Powerful Workflow Capabilities
Work smarter, not harder, with a flexible, customizable router client, intelligent database updates and a prebuilt framework that simplifies and speeds up workflow design.

Simple Configuration & Administration
Run your workflows like a pro with rules-based configuration, centralized administration, multiple profile support, user and group access control, and helpful APIs.

Robust Document Handling
Organize your documentation with ease thanks to intelligent file naming, accurate bar code indexing, image controls and more.

Flexible Integration
Workflow Platform for RightFax can work with a variety of scanners, faxes and other network devices to collect documents; scan to email, fax or storage; and more.

Proven Technologies
Maximize your faxing capabilities with Universal Fax Connector integration for RightFax, support for fax over IP and cloud fax, high-speed queuing and document distribution management, and more.

Adding the Workflow Platform for RightFax further enables knowledge workers to drive the unavoidable hands-on steps of a business process more efficiently and accurately; to quickly and easily perform sophisticated indexing, validation and workflow tasks on inbound documents; and to launch complex, automated, rules-based actions with as few as one click.

Documentation is an unavoidable part of doing business, but in industries like health care and financial services, keeping track of sensitive personal information can start to feel like herding cats.

The Workflow Platform for RightFax maximizes the value of your organizations’s fax documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents while integrating them with a wide variety of back-end systems.

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